From the far southern lands of Calimshan, to the great northern land of Icewind Dale, Faerun has seen its share of adventurers. I do not speak of common mercenaries- where coin carries their way. Nor do I speak of thugs and bandits- cutting down innocents for meager possessions.
An adventurer is different- they carry with them a purpose, a reason, a goal. They carry with them a need, to challenge the odds and seek greatness when all others would flee or falter. Yes, they may seek glory, or power, or vast treasure- but to an adventurer, it is the path that they must take to achieve these things that makes them different from the rabble. It is the adventure itself, that makes the adventurer.

So I ask you: Are you adventurers?

Welcome to the Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Hoard of the Dragon Queen